February 2024: Intermediate level 2 – Utsu Hachijo – Naname-dai/Slant Style

New February Intermediate 4-class series will focus on slant-stand (naname-dai) style drumming. Participants will take the elements of rhythm, movement and spirit taught in the Beginning Class and apply them to Utsu Hachijo, a challenging piece we learned from famous Japanese group Ondekoza. Hachijo-jima is one of the Seven Isles of Izu stretching south of Tokyo into the Pacific Ocean. It is the most distant of these islands and was once used as a place of exile. Some say the driving rhythm and flashy arm movements of this style was influenced by the sword-play of exiled samurai warriors practicing on the beach. In order to register, participants must have completed a Beginner Level or Intermediate Level 1 Class OR have other prior taiko experience OR get permission from the instructor.

February 4th, Sun, 12pm-2 pm
February 11th, Sun, 12pm-2 pm
February 18th, Sun, 12pm-2 pm
February 25th, Sun, 12pm-2 pm

Cost: $96 per person
Registration deadline 2/2

Registration OPEN

Location: Seattle Kokon Taiko Practice Hall in the International District
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