January 2019: Beginner Level 2 for Beta-dai (Song: AB Cycle)

This new January Beginner class, we will explore the use of ‘heavy’ core and limbs and an ‘open’ back posture while we learn a series of patterns on upright (beta-dai) stands. We will also take a closer look at body alignment and how all these elements combined improve not only hitting technique but sound quality. This simple yet dynamic set of patterns was brought to us by Joe Small who has studied and pursued Taiko in a variety of locations in Japan and the United States. He received an MFA in dance at UCLA. We recommend registrants to have participated in a Beginner Level 1 class.

January 13th, Sun, 12pm-2pm
January 20th, Sun, 12pm-2pm
January 27th, Sun, 12pm-2pm
February 3rd, Sun, 12pm-2pm

Cost: $90 per person

Location: Seattle Kokon Taiko Practice Hall in the International District

Registration deadline January 11th

Registration Open

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